Buldog Tape

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Bulldog Tape

If you require an ASTM D69-approved friction tape for bundling, binding, applying insulation to electrical wire joints or cables or preventing abrasion to sensitive points, our Bullfrog Friction Tape is the ideal solution. You may choose either the 1 inch high friction tape or 2 inch cloth friction tape, both of which come standard in brown but may be also ordered in black.
This adhesive cloth tape is a multi-purpose product consisting of high-quality 15 mil thick cotton cloth that’s impregnated with a superior adhesive, unique rubber blend that provides protection against penetration/abrasion of low-voltage electrical cables, wires or wire splices. Available in 25-yard rolls of either 1″ or 2″ widths, this is also an excellent product for bundling hoses or cables, repairing streamer jackets or securing weights to streamers. Bullfrog Friction Tape is shipped in cases containing 80 rolls per case for the 1″ size and 40 rolls per case for the 2″ size.




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